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GSX4-HV-WF Multipoint Temperature Wi-Fi Data Logger

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GSX4-HV-WFWi-Fi Transmission
With Wi-Fi Multipoint Temperature Data Logger, you build a secure and reliable wireless online temperature monitoring and logging system over Wi-Fi network.

Connect up to 4sensors (temperature, humidity, level, pressure, etc.) to Wi-Fi Data Logger, it logs and uploads data to central over Wi-Fi wirelessly.

Link-WF apps for iPad, Android or Windows allow you to track the temperature, humidity or other sensors reading directly.

GSX4-HV-WF with built-in 4MB memory gives you all the live and history information of temperature and various sensors records.  Its internal rechargeable battery allows uninterrupted operation in power loss.


1 x Wi-Fi Multipoint Data Logger
1 x Temperature & Humidity Combo Sensor (max. 4 x temperature sensors)
1 x Wi-Fi Antenna
1 x AC/DC Power Adaptor
1 x Internal Backup Rechargeable Battery
(1)    Sensor
GSX4-HV-WF is built with a number of analog, pulse and digital channels. Sensors (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow meter and smoke detectors) can be connected to GSX4-HV-WF directly.

(2)    Wi-Fi Data Logger
GSX4-HV-WF captures the reading from sensors and logs into its internal memory. At the same time, it uploads the live data to central via Wi-Fi network.

(3)    Link-WF App for Windows, iPad, Android
Link-WF accesses the live data or logged data from Wi-Fi Data Logger directly over Wi-Fi Network. It then displays the sensor readings in graphics modes on PC, iPad or Android tablet.
(1)    Wi-Fi Network
*         Wi-Fi b/g/n
*         Station & Access Point Wi-Fi Mode
*         WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WEP

(2)    Input / Output
*         4 analog channels
           •   4 x digital temperature sensors
           •   1 x humidity sensor
           •   2 x analog sensors e.g. pressure or level sensor
*         3 digital alarm inputs
*         3 pulse inputs
*         2 relay outputs
*         4MB internal memory (~30000 records)
(3)    Features
*         Data & Alarm via Wi-Fi network
*         Programmable Server IP for Wi-Fi network data
*         Programmable Data Logging Interval
*         Programmable Data Upload Interval
*         Power Loss/Resume Alarm
*         Each channel is programmable with two alerts high/low levels
*         Relay Control triggered by alarm or manual
(1)    Setup Software
Free and User-Friendly Setup Software for Windows provides a user-friendly graphics interface of configuring the Smart Data Logger.
It allows user to save, export and import the configuration file.
(2)    Centre Software
Free Centre Software is a small tool to receive data via Wi-Fi network for testing purpose.
(3)    Link-WF App for Windows, iPad, Android
Free Link-WF accesses the live data or logged data from Wi-Fi Data Logger directly. It then displays the sensor readings in graphics modes on PC, iPad or Android tablet.
It allows user to monitor the real time sensor reading in graphics chart or HMI.
(4)    Ultimate Server Client Software Package [Optional]
Ultimate Server is designed to manage a large number of Smart Data Loggers. It handles the data receiving via GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and SMS in both UDP and TCP protocol simultaneously. It manages the database of incoming data, data loggers and remote client users.
Ultimate Client allows user to monitor both real time data and historical data in graphics chart or HMI.