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G7 Wireless Client

Welcome to G7 Wireless Client for Windows, iPhone & Android Phone

1.     G7 Wireless Client [Direct Mode]        

        It comes with the G7 Base Station providing a simple solution of receiving and displaying data in graphics for users.

        • Lite version supports max. 2 base stations simultaneously.

        • Full version supports max. 20 base stations at the same time.

        • Only windows version is available.

2.       G7 Wireless Client [Server Mode]  It is bundled with G7 Server for free distribution.

          •  It provides a total solution of displaying data in different graphics mode.

          • G7 Server supports max. 99999 base stations, and 9999 client users simultaneously.

          • Windows, iPhone & Android Phone versions are available.


Data Tracking

       •  G7 Wireless Client is bundled free with G7 Server package.

       It displays both live and historical data tracking in graphics mode.

       Wireless Client [Server Mode] App for Windows, iPhone and Android are available for free download.



Each client has its own alarm levels and setting.

User is alerted by: 

           visual and audio alert in local client

          •  alarm email