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Ultimate Server

Welcome to Ultimate Server System

Ultimate Server is designed in managing a number of data loggers, handling huge amount of incoming data and interfacing with database in a large scale solution.



Data Integrity

Its high reliability and stabilitycan be proved by running for 24 hours a day non-stop over more than 6 years.

It can handle >2000 data loggers uploading one data per 5 seconds simultaneously.  In real application, Ultimate Server has achieved a record of > 99.8% data integrity.

Ultimate Server is capable of receiving data in UDP and TCP, and supporting GPRS, SMS, Ethernet and Wi-Fi Data Loggersat the same time.

Data Recovery

No service provider can guarantee 100% mobile network functionality. Our patented technology allows the system retrieving back the lost data during network disconnection. What user finally gets from the database will be 100% data integrity.

Database Format

Four most common database formats are supported – Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.

No matter which database type is used, a simple and user-friendly interface is provided for integration. Internal database connection testing tool gives user a hassle free solution.


Data Loggers and Users can be assigned into different groups. One single Ultimate Server System is capable of hosting a number of corporate clients and their own data loggers.

And more outstanding features are ready for your discovery …