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Technical Support


Our team of engineers & programmers provide customization of software application in receiving & managing GPRS data, Ethernet and SMS from our various data loggers.

Up to now, the company's products comprise:

 1]   GPRS Ethernet Data Logger – it supports data upload via GPRS, SMS and Ethernet simultaneously

 2]   GPRS Data Logger – monitor digital and analog inputs, upload data via GPRS and SMS

 3]   Multipoint Data Logger - monitor max. 11 temperature sensors by one single device

 4]   Temperature & Humidity GPRS Data Logger – dedicated designed with environmental monitoring

 5]   Ethernet Data Logger – provides data transmission over Ethernet

 6]   Complete Environmental GPRS Data Logging System

      (bundled with Wind/Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensors)

 7]   Wi-Fi Data Logger – tracking and upload wireless data over Wi-Fi

 8]   Ultimate Server Client Software System – supporting the full series of data logger products

In Easemind, we design, develop and produce our own software and hardware. We are capable of creating unique integrated solutions, which are reliable, compatible, cost effective and easy to use.

Technical Support
     Email: support@easemind.hk
     Skype:      easemind.hk